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Past Projects


2014 Roadkill Zoo

2013 Larry Clark's Tulsa

2011 Punch Cowboy

2011 The Seducers Club (Original Music)

2006-2007 Shorty McShorts Shorts

Soundtracks (Songs in Films/TV Series)


The Art of Getting By
Gavin Wiesen feature film
"Black Champagne"


Life Unexpected
CW series Season 1, Episode 6: Truth Unrevealed
"Black Champagne"


One Tree Hill
CW series Season 7, Episode 2: What Are You Willing to Lose?
"Black Champagne"

BBC Television Mini-Series, Main Title Theme
"The Eyes of the Night"

Gossip Girl
CW series, Season 3, Episode 4: Dan de Fleurette
"Black Champagne"

Showtime series, Season 3, Episode 2: The Land of Rape and Honey


The Creek Runs Red
Bradley Beesley documentary
"Zillion Eyes"

Smiley Face
Gregg Araki feature film


Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj
MGM feature film
"The Eyes of the Night"

(Bradley Beesley documentary)
"Brass Digger," "Rinky Dinky," "Submarine"

Paramount/Nickelodeon feature film


Malcolm in the Middle
(Fox TV series, Season 5, Episode 16: Malcolm Visits College)

Producer (selected projects)

2000-2009 Starlight Mints: The Dream that Stuff Was Made Of, Built on Squares, Drowaton, Change Remains

2008 Student Film:  Sleeping Giant

2010 The Separation: Self-titled

2014 Skating Polly: Ugly, Lilly, Van Gogh, Your Honor from the album "Fuzz Steilacoom"

2014 Feel Spectres: Sea Inside from the album "Meet Your Double"

2017 doubleVee: The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider

Starlight Mints
(Vocalist, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, primary songwriter/arranger) 

Starlight Mints were active from 1997 to 2009, releasing four albums and playing and touring with bands including White Stripes, Violent Femmes, Liz Phair, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Granddaddy, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Danielson Famile, Guided by Voices, and Polyphonic Spree. 

Change Remains (Barsuk Records)

Lead singer and songwriter Allen (sic) Vest writes incredibly bizarre and trippy lyrics, but they all still seem to promote wild movements and jittering actions in the best possible way. The band's latest album "Change Remains" has numerous songs whose intros sound as if they could be the opening credits music for such dated Michael J. Fox films like "The Secret of My Success" or "Bright Lights, Big City," and then Vest begins singing about reaching up and pulling your eyes out. He has a demonic tendency, and an obvious sick sense of humor, or perhaps just a sense of humor that goes through a dark, haunted house maze, before arriving at the outbound, side-splitting laughter that it was looking for all along. He's got an eye for the shapes of people - their sizes, their peculiarities, their figures - and he gets into that, the skinny girls and the many dirty fingers, the thin faces as if there are aliens running around the yard as these springy and sometimes levitating rock and roll songs come at us. He finds the oddest details illuminating and then rolls rampant on them, twisting them into strange landscaping that makes it all feel and sound utterly different. There are sax parts and tripwires and other oddities like them all over the album, holding all of the ass-shaking-ness together, making it a cohesive, albeit strange and elliptical sort of an adventure. It feels like it's a space odyssey of sorts, are if there are realms and galaxies that need be passed through and travel through them is done at weird angles. Vest sings about smelling the blood of a strangulation and it's a startling thing to think about and we're left to wonder if that's a turn on or a point of repulsion, that this type of blood - or the smell it gives on in this circumstance - is recognizable, even if it is in lyric. Sean Moeller, Daytrotter Session

 (Barsuk Records)

Despite their relative brevity, Mints' songs are expansive affairs, chock-full of soulful horn sections and lush string, keyboard, and synth arrangements, multiple tempo and time changes, and Allan Vest's shape-shifting vocals.  John Schacht

The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered (Dead Lovers, Twisted Heart)

Built on Squares
 (PIAS America Records) 

"Built on Squares" is fun upon a cursory listen, perfect for a car trip or lying out by the pool with a breezy summer read. But closer attention reveals the secret to the Starlight Mints' intrigue: seeing what kind of weird shit can be done with sounds. The opening track, "Black Cat," evokes a Pink Panther-type movie, all slinky yet lighthearted, peppered with Vest's sly "hot-cha-cha-cha" throughout. But it has a distinctly dark voodoo undertone, making the entire song a delightful contradiction.  The players really show their hands on the second half of the recording. For example, "Rinky Dinky" has a very carefree, sassy feel, and Vest sports some vocal attitude as he toys with internal rhymes and harsh consonants. The trippy "Zillion Eyes" features many sounds with heavy effects (such as a groaning cello) that test the flexibility of noise, like a kind of yoga for music. Meanwhile, "Jack of Squares" has a tick-tock rhythm and lyrics that play with the sounds that words make together. Much like scatting in jazz and bebop, Vest communicates through sound rather than language.   Melanie Haupt, Denver Westworld

The Dream that Stuff Was Made Of  
(See-Thru Broadcasting Records)

Singer Allan Vest even sounds like Pixies leader Black Francis, albeit crossed with the Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano. The voice is not the only thing Vest and the former Pixie have in common. Like Black Francis at his peak, Allan Vest writes great pop hooks and cryptic lyrics that are simultaneously unemotional andengaging. In the lazy, lilting "Bandit" he sings, “Press the birdie switch / Coo-coo.” The track also shows off Vest’s knack for turning familiar phrases inside out, as in the opening lines, “Take a wish from the well / Take a tip from a bandit / Let the band play again.”  Charlotte Robinson, PopMatters

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