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Larry Clark's Tulsa

A short by James Payne with music by Allan Vest.  Larry Clark is a director, writer, photographer, and film producer who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This 9-minute film documents a guerilla installation of photographs from his 1971 book Tulsa, inside an abandoned ballroom on the north side of the city of Tulsa. The story of Clark and his notorious photography book is told by Lee Roy Chapman on a driving tour around the city of Tulsa. Filmed by Jeremy Lamberton.


Clip from Moksha

A Cybergraphix Animation collaboration with Japan's Studio A.P.P.P. and Automaton Productions with the voice cast featuring American comic book pioneer Stan Lee, Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock, Weeds, Phineas & Ferb), and Lauren Tom (Futurama, King of the Hill, The Joy Luck Club). Music by Allan Vest. 

Cybergraphix details the plot as follows:

Amidst an explosion that nearly takes his life, Daniel Zoran (Maulik Pancholy) is miraculously saved by his enigmatic Grandfather (Stan Lee), but at a great cost. Daniel awakens to find himself with a mysterious tattoo branded upon his chest, his grandfather in an ethereal state of being, and he now must rely on his grandfather's fiery steward, Claire (Lauren Tom), to guide him with his new and emerging supernatural abilities. While keeping the Monstrous Fiends of Chaos at bay and coming to terms with her own personal demons, Claire will be pushed to the breaking point, while good-natured Daniel struggles to keep up during the action-packed and surreal adventures.



Scenes from Punch Cowboy 

Writer/Director Mickey Reece
Allan scored this 2011 drama that focused on a small town man's search for a mother for his young son, who ends up fending off mobsters as he defends a damsel in distress. Rob Lott of the Oklahoma Gazette says Allan contributes "a score that's as sparse as the Hatches' rural home, helping weave a fable vibe into the work."


Scenes from The Seducers Club

Writer/Director Mickey Reece
Allan provided original music for this 2011 drama that featured friendships, reputations and lives being destroyed in a dark tale of depravity.



A documentary series by director Bradley Beesley that explores different locations and happenings that excite and inspire Dell Design Studio artists.  This episode included the Starlight Mints songs "Sidewalk" (Vest, Nunez & Nunez) and "Rhino Stomp" (Vest).



Currents of Belize

Allan composed the music for Currents of Belize,  a documentary by director Bradley Beesley that tells the story of two Belizean fly fishermen who are trying to preserve their natural resources as they hope to pass on this family fishing tradition to the next generation of eco-friendly anglers.


Shorty McShorts Shorts: The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare

This was a Disney Channel animated anthology series featuring five-minute shorts.  This episode first aired May 18, 2007 and featured music by Allan Vest and Andy Nunez, with vocals by Allan. Dodger Dare finds a photocopier that makes duplicates of him, but the duplicates are imperfect in some way and can be destroyed by water. 

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